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Deutscher Schwerhörigenbund e. V.

Impressions of the conference

Registration and Welcome Evening on Thursday 5th October, 2017

Siegfried Karg (pro audito Switzerland) at the registration table
From the left: Aroha Henry, Dr. Louise Sinden-Carroll in conversation with Volker Albert
Guests during the welcome evening
Uta Dörfer as Margarethe von Witzleben
From the left: Claire Sabler Landesmann, Renate Welter (DSB) with Uta Dörfer
Renate Welter with Uta Dörfer

Friday 6th October 2017

Let the Future Loops 2017 begin

Diligent Registration with (from left to right) Michal Blau, Soléne Nicolais and Sascha Albrecht
Stage in the Ballsaal
Presenter: Markus Landwehr
Dr. Ruth Warick (IFHOH)
Dr. Harald Seidler (DSB)
Senator for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs in Berlin, Germany
From the left: Dr. Ruth Warick, Senator Elke Breitenbach and Dr. Harald Seidler
Dr. Harald Seidler with Senator Elke Breitenbach
It can start...DSB and IFHOH board members with guests
Speech-to-text-interpreter (German)
Speech-to-text-interpreter at work (English/German)
In the Sony Center from the left: Jacob Stephan Baschab (Biha), Renate Welter and Gudrun Brendel

Saturday 7th October 2017

2nd Conference day with come together evening

Welcome by the presenter Markus Landwehr
A view into the room Ballsaal
Pleace smile
Speech-to-text-interpreter (English)
Speech-to-text-interpreter (German)
Panel discussion
The presidents of the DSB, IFHOH and EFHOH sign the declaration
From the left: Dr. Harald Seidler (DSB), Dr. Ruth Warick (IFHOH) und Marcel Bobeldijk (EFHOH)
Dr. Ruth Warick sends farewell words to the participants
Renate Welter and Gudrun Brendel open the come together evening
Renate Welter welcomes the guests
Dr. Harald Seidler and his wife represent the Deutscher Schwerhörigenbund
Dr. Ruth Warick presents the IFHOH with the support of Claire Sabler Landesmann
Marcel Bobeldijk presents the EFHOH with the support of Michal Blau
Daniel Denecke as "Lucky Heart"
"Lucky Heart" in action
Stephan Wilke, Siegfried Karg
9. November 2017