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Deutscher Schwerhörigenbund e. V.

Friday 6th October 2017
Times  Room Ballsaal Room Lankwitz
  (Simultaneous translation English, German) (Lectures in English)
10.00-11.00OPENING CEREMONY & 
  Dr. Ruth Warick, President IFHOH, Canada
Dr. Harald Seidler, President DSB, Germany
Verena Bentele, Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities, Germany
Elke Breitenbach, Senator for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs in Berlin, Germany
Gerhard Sicklinger, Humantechnik GmbH, Gemany
                            Keynote Speakers:  
11.00-11.30 Audio Inductive Loop Systems AILS – A point of view from the perspective of those affected
Peter Dieler, Median Klinik, Germany
11.30-12.00 Hearing Systems go online - from Telecoil to Internet
Horst Warncke, Oticon GmbH, Germany
12.00-13.00Lunch break  
13.00-13.20 2,4 GHz Initiative of the hearing aid manufacturers
Dieter Fricke, GN ReSound Deutschland, Germany
Assistive Listening and Communication Devices at School – results from the HODA Study
Anna Kain Wyatt, The Swedish Association of Hard of Hearing People, Sweden
13.25-13.45 Combining the telecoil with advanced  wireless technologies
Ben Heldner, Phonak Communications AG, Switzerland
Successful communication only with emotions? How does it work for HOH people?
Volker Albert, Deutsche Tinnitus-Liga, Germany
13.50-14.10 Hearing at work – technology for barrier free listening
Matthias Jöde, Sonova Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Making hearing loops visible
Johan Hammarström, AB Transistor Sweden, Sweden
14.10-14.30 Latest developments in hearing aids for people with severe to profound hearing loss Bernadette Fulton, Phonak Communications AG, Switzerland
T-sign re-invented: hearing environment visualized
Juha Nikula, Qlu Ltd., Finland
14.30-15.30 Coffee break Coffee break
15.30-15.50 UK development of ‘Lets Loop’ campaign and subsequent progression to the ‘Let’s Hear’ initiative
Andrew Thomas, Contacta Systems Ltd., United Kindom
Technical evaluation of wireless communication devices
Carsten Daugaard, DELTA, Denmark
15.55-16.15 The spread of the hearing loop in Italy. Obstacles and opportunities
Liliana Cardone, Associazione Ligure Ipoudenti, Italy
Recent Innovations in and around Hearing Loop Technology
Thomas Kaufmann, OTOjOY, USA
16.20-16.40 Limitations to achieving hearing loss identification and access to rehabilitation through technology by women living in New Zealand.
Dr. Louise Sinden-Carroll, IFHOH General Secretary, New Zealand
How the digital revolution benefits Hearing Loop solutions  
Jonathon Hoskin, Ampetronic Ltd., United Kindom
16.45-17.05 The Norwegian Hearing Loop Guerilla
Hildegunn Fallang, The Norwegian Association of the Hard of Hearing, Norway
Telecoil (T Coil) Features and Functions for Use with Hearing Assistance Technology (HAT)
Dr. Karen MacLennan, Hearing Loss Association of America, USA
17.10-17.30 Hearing Loss Association of America and Looping in America
Lise Hamlin, Hearing Loss Association of America, USA
Why the New Smartphones make Interferences to Hearing Aids?
Avi Blau, IFHOH Vice-President, Israel
17:30-18:00 Break  
18.00-22.00 Sight Seeing Tour and Dinner


Saturday 7th October 2017

Times  Room Ballsaal Room Lankwitz
  (Simultaneous translation English, German) (Lectures in English)
09.00-10.30 TECHNOLOGY   
  The future of hearing loop technology for assistive listening
Julian Pieters, Ampetronic Ltd., United Kindom

International Hearing Loop Manufacturers Association (IHLMA) - Panel Discussion
10.30-11.00 Coffee break  
11.00-11.20 Hearing Loops: Past, Present, and Future
A historical and international perspective

Siegfried Karg, pro audito, Switzerland
The Education of Hearing Acousticians in Germany
Jakob Stephan Baschab, Federal Guild of Hearing Acousticians, Germany
11.25-11.45 Assistive Listening over WiFi - requirements, challenges and technical solutions
Senthil Vellaichamy, Sennheiser Streaming Technologies GmbH, Germany
Importance of standards and consulting with hard of hearing people as experts by experience
Lidia Smolarek-Best, EFHOH Vice-President, United Kingdom
11.50-12.10 A collective perspective regarding Hearing loss and the negative and positive implications of assistive technology
Gary Leverington, Action on Hearing Loss, United Kingdom
Standards: What the IEC 60118-4 & 62489-1 Standards define and how they help us
Sam Burkinshaw, Ampetronic Ltd., United Kingdom
12.10-12.30 To Loop or Not To Loop 
Aïda Regel Poulsen, Secretary EFHOH, Denmark
How those with hearing loss improve work conditions for everyone
Wendelina Timmerman, Hooridee, Netherlands
12.30-14.00 Lunch break Lunch break
14.00-16.00 FINAL CEREMONY  
  Keynote Speaker:
Progress Towards Looping the World!
Dr. Juliëtte Sterkens, Hearing Loss Association of America, USA

Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Ruth Warick, IFHOH President, Canada